“Authentic leadership has become the gold standard for leadership” Harvard Business Review, 2015

Why / Vision

Create management shifts that spur sustainable organizational growth in a world of change.

Because we believe socially intelligent leadership models are key to building sustainable businesses, we have co created a leadership academy and a co learning platform for people and organisations in search of authentic skills gained from centered leadership presence.

Our vision in an overly fast complex world of competition and technology, is to act as a bridge and connector of people, creating synergies, using experiential tools to learn to attract, manage and motivate groups of creative, empowered people to achieve sustainable economic performance and spur organic innovation.

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Ongoing benefits are numerous: a strong intrapreneurship culture, team cohesiveness and increased performance through trust and cooperation, teams’ empowerment and self-motivation, increased performance with lower resources through increased efficiency and the ability to innovate, impactful, clear and fluid communication, building of agile and creative people-based organizations…


By using all our senses in our professional lives (as well as with our families and communities) and mindfully connecting to our thinking brain, we make better decisions, improve our communication and constructive influence, and our ability to connectwith others. We also develop the ability to give a sense of purpose to our actions.


We believe in leading by example and walking the talk. We have therefore chosen to set up Sense and Connect as a for profit, collaborative partnership and business model. We commit to continuous learning and exploration of the unknown, and through the platform’s digital connection, we co-share our deeper knowledge. The ongoing learning process is essential to developing our sustainable leadership practice, and each member of the Sense and Connect team is encouraged to offer new approaches and methods. One core approach will be structured learning activities involving horses and the famous research on horses’ insights and leadership, by international author Linda Kohanov, also founder of Eponaquest and the 5 Roles of the Master Herder.

What / Mission

We provide the unconventional, memorable co-learning experiences that enable people and organisations to develop authentic leadership capacities, to innovate and perform sustainably.

The long-term impact is strengthened by clarity of intention, a focus on the present, body posture and energy.

The resulting sense of purpose and inner motivation, and clear verbal and non-verbal communication, will come from leaders who have found their authentic path, and who are able to use their intuitive intelligence and emotional behaviour to make the transformational shifts their environment requires for the future.

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We create safe spaces where people can learn new ways of being and doing, by experiencing new situations. Teachings include evidence of the body-mind connection based on neuroscience, alongside learning with others through experience, using out-of-the box tools, focused on embodying business performance and profitability. This unique blend combines to reveal the benefits of an open mind, curious attitude, courage, trust and authenticity.

Course offerings

Discover our authentic conferences, events and workshops

  • Team and Organizational Development
  • Authentic leadership trainings
  • Individual coaching – mentoring – training
  • Toolbox classes
  • Leadership retreats


Le leadership authentique: performance et innovation au travail – June 20, 2018

Quels sont vos principaux challenges en matière de leadership ?
Comment aborder vos  prises de décision, en écoutant aussi votre intuition?
Comment inspirer, mobiliser, fédérer vos équipes en donnant du sens ?
Que signifie « créer la confiance » dans une équipe  ?

« Sense and Connect » vous propose de faire l’expérience des 5 rôles du leadership, de l’importance du langage non verbal et des sens dans la relation aux autres au :

Chateau de la Rocq Rue Omer Lion, 7181 Arquennes. 
Date: 20 Juin 2018, 8h30 à 17h
Programme co créé par Corinne Dumont et Stéphanie Krick
animé en collaboration de Françoise Radermacher et Bernard Stenier
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Une journée originale ancrée dans la réalité du monde du travail, alliant théorie et pratique, à la découverte des clés du leadership authentique du 21e siècle. Avec la participation de “Talkin’ To Me?” : collectif au service des capacités collaboratives dans les entreprises.

Workshop encadré par des coachs, sur l’importance de la confiance  et du langage non verbal, avec un travail approfondi en commun sur les thématiques choisies par les participants.
Frais de participation à la journée:  65 Euros (HTVA).


We are catalysts of change and human transformation to achieve higher performance and innovation in organizations


Corinne, is an entrepreneur, researcher, explorer and a humanist leader.

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After an international career in finance with Citigroup, two children and a few years as a business consultant, in 2007 Corinne made her dream come true: fuelled by a passion for wellbeing and nutrient rich cooking, and adding a sense of purpose to her career, she would improve people’s health by giving consumers better access to qualitative, organic, healthy food.

Taking over 2 organic supermarket stores, Corinne and her partners pioneered the Belgian organic food market, building Sequoia Bio & Natural Market into a profitable company which today has around 100 employees in 9 modern concept stores.

As leader and CEO of the company, Corinne regularly faced new economic and human challenges.  To increase her impact, she felt she had to become a more authentic leader. Through trial and error, she developed her own, self-inspired, “human centred” leadership style, implemented collaborative governance principles and created a balanced, sustainable socio-economic business model.  She promoted trust, autonomy, and cooperation, thereby empowering her teams and creating positive cross functional dynamics.

Her open mind and curiosity led to creative, 360° approaches to problem solving, bringing innovation and added value, as well as helping others succeed.

During her journey, Corinne came to believe that new socially intelligent leadership models and skills were needed to build up sustainable businesses.  Outdated management and business models are no longer effective to shift our mindset and change the world.

Her insights led her to found Sense and Connect, an authentic leadership training academy and cooperation platform, that aims to share and teach leadership skills learned through the body and senses and offer experience-based tools and shortcuts to leaders seeking their authentic path.

During the past 2 years, Corinne has further enriched her leadership practice by working with internationally renowned North American author Linda Kohanov, founder of Eponaquest and the 5 Roles of a Master Herder; this is a model based on horse-inspired insights into developing collaborative leadership and managing change.

In addition to her MBA in Finance from the Solvay Business School, Corinne is a graduated Master Herder and Eponaquest instructor.

Her values are trust, authenticity, freedom, autonomy, loyalty, courage, resilience and solidarity.

#Authentic Leadership #Humanism #Sustainable performance #Societal Impact #Entrepreneurship #Innovation


Stephanie is a curious, entrepreneurial, people-centered leader, and a strange mix of Belgian and Finish blood.

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She spent the first half of her life improving her performance in high level sports: tennis, field hockey and then golf as she grew older… the years of competing gave her a passion for individual and team motivation and dynamics, and a qualification as a certified tennis coach.

Studying economics and a year’s specialization in hotel management piqued her interest in human relations and organizational management. What better place than a hotel to understand how you take care of people?

Having finished her undergraduate studies, she joined Media-Globe, an international communications agency, and her focus shifted again: an innovation called the Internet had just popped up, and the global media sector was wondering if this would affect them in the long term. Stephanie decided to find out more, and that was probably a good move: having graduated from a specialist MBA in the UK, she was asked to start up the digital department back at Media-Globe, attracting international customers such as 3M, Radisson SAS, Crown, Blount Oregon, DuPont de Nemours and others to this new area of work.

Keen for some corporate experience, she joined DuPont in 2006 to run the Corian(R) and Zodiaq(R) EMEA digital strategies, starting from scratch. The challenge was huge: a whole corporate mindset needed shifting, and she developed the skills of an entrepreneur within this large organization. Agility, educating her internal clients, and making connections at all management levels were key. She had to manage multi-dimensional digital campaign designs, measure the impact, and integrate with offline media. By pioneering new strategies, her career moved as quickly as the digital world, taking her all the way to DuPont Digital Leader for EMEA.

She then decided to make a complete U – turn, moving to join Brussels based startup ‘Helpigo’, a project centered on people, somewhat comparable to a LinkedIn for blue collar workers.

Today, her passion for human organizational development, leadership and vision, innovation and the desire to build sustainable businesses, has naturally led her to be a co-founder of this beautiful project. #Authentic Leadership #Personal development #Coaching for performance #Social innovation #Entrepreneurship #Intrapreneurship

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One core approach will be structured learning activities involving horses and the famous research on horses’ insights and leadership, by international author Linda Kohanov, also founder of Eponaquest and the 5 Roles of the Master Herder.


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